Welcome to In Brooke’s Shoes-my blog about the random adventures I go on in my life-big and small! After graduating from FAU in the spring, I decided to go abroad and live in one of my favorite countries, Israel. I try to document the exciting parts of my life where I wine and dine, see cool sights, meet new people, and more. While in Israel I am interning, exploring, eating, and seeing all this beautiful country has to offer. I try to do everything I want, while on a budget, and in shoes I adore!

Things I Love: My dog, New York City (especially in the winter), reading magazines, Sex and the City, pretty places and spaces, sparkles and sequins, soft pink and turquoise, memories of camp, caramel, the smell of the ocean, perfect beach days, pugs (and pugs in tutus), Israel and Tel Aviv culture,writing, sushi, traveling the world, Woody Allen movies, Broadway and musicals, pumpkin flavored everything, GIRLS on HBO, blogs, films with Natalie Portman, outdoor concerts, friends and family, and of course shoes!


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