Dear Future Me,

Happy New Year!

Can you believe a year flew by, and we survived despite the so-called Mayan apocalypse? I spent my last new year’s in Jerusalem while on a trip, and this year rang in 2013  in my new city of Tel-Aviv. It was perfect-a few glasses of cava, sparkly dresses, and a GIRLS-esque party filled with tunes from the past few years. My friends and I had a great time dancing the year away.


I thought back to my biggest accomplishments of 2012 and can easily say the creation of Yalla Israel Magazine was my biggest feat of the year! I remember those last few hours before the launch party when the magazine was STILL not done and thinking …will it ever happen?! Months later, we’ve had four issues and am working on what the next stage will be.

So today, January 2nd-since January 1st is really a recovery day-I started to think about the goals of this year. Instead of making resolutions in my mind, I decided a letter entailing some big things I want to achieve was more my thing. I came across Future Me and mapped out my goals for the next twelve months.

But I must tell you…it was very weird writing that letter. Partly because every new year we think of these huge goals that we wish and lust after, but more because I don’t know where I’ll be 30 days from now, let alone 12 months! My time in Israel as a program participant is quickly slipping away and the idea is very, very weird. I’ve never been at a point in my life where I don’t know what is happening next. I’m such a planner and normally have my next six months mapped out, so having a foggy future is somewhat unsettling, but still exciting. I’m currently at one of my favorite cafes with a friend sending resumes everywhere from Tel-Aviv to NYC, in hopes that 30 days from now, I will know what my plan of action is. Luckily I’ve been fueled by lots of coffee around what I like to call “Cafe City”.


So with that, I hope you all had an incredible start to the new year, and maybe YOU will consider writing yourself a future letter. Every summer at camp we wrote a letter at the beginning of June and we read it close to October. It’s great to look back at what you thought was going to happen and what your hopes and dreams at that time were compared to now. You never know what may or may not happen!

Here’s to hoping our years are as colorful as the moment it struck midnight.

What is your big goal for 2013?


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