Tuesday Shoesday-Hanukkah Edition!

Happy Tuesday Shoesday and Happy Hanukkah fellow shoe lovers and friends. While this isn’t my first time in Israel for Hanukkah, I still feel all the excitement when I see menorahs, sufganyot, and smell latkes everywhere. So whether you celebrate or not, Happy Hanukkah from the “Holy Land”!


This week’s post comes to you not far from where I found my last Tuesday Shoesday shoes. My friend and I were waiting in the long, long line of Bennedict’s on Rothschild on Saturday morning for brunch. Picture any brunch spot in NYC on Sunday at 11 am and Israelify it (yes I just made up that word, but I promise it has meaning). People everywhere are trying to get in front of each other to enjoy the delicious bread, drinks, and of course eggs bennedict. Perched next to the hostess table, we were able to see everyone waiting for brunch. A girl walked up with rain boots (the winter in Israel means lots of rain…by Israel standards of course) that made me immediately turn to my friend and say “I found next week’s shoe post!”


Where: Bennedict’s on Rothschild

Who: Sharon Lebovitz

B: Where did you get your shoes?

SL: Notting Hill Market in London

B: How would you describe your style?

SL: A mix of sporty, vintage, and sometimes elegant.

B: How would you describe Tel Aviv style?

SL: You can see everything here. Everyone has such different style.

B: What do you do?

SL: I recently got out of the army. I’m studying for the psychometric exam (SAT equivalent) and when I’m done traveling China and Thailand for 6 months with friends.

Check out Sharon’s deliciously sweet rainboots!


Tuesday Talk


Listening to: Paul Anka– Perfect music for your holiday parties, or ugly sweater holiday parties as my friend and I imagined we would do if we were in America this season. Sounds like Frank Sinatra doing covers. Check out his rendition of Wonderwall.

Reading: Love them. Hate them. Want to be them. My latest blog find- Olsens Anonymous. Thank me later.

Watching: Not sure which is funnier: Nickelback in general, making fun of Instagram users (guilty), or the fact that this has gotten so much publicity. My favorite part is with the duck! If you’re also looking for a 12 second giggle please watch this. AEPhi friends out there you may enjoy this!

Wanting: I’ve been saying it for 2 weeks now and have stopped multiple people on the street. A Leopard circle scarf is the next item that will be keeping me warm and cozy this chilly, Israeli winter.


What do you want this holiday season?


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