Tuesday Shoesday

As we go on, we remember….

the shoes we wore to graduation!

While I could have gone on and sung this classic song by Vitamin C that I haven’t heard in years, I thought about how I’ll always remember my not so out of the ordinary graduation day, but my extraordinarily fabulous shoes I wore!

After standing in a room for 45 minutes and the pain started to sink in, I had to suck it up and start the walk to the auditorium. An hour later it was my turn to walk on stage, and walk I did! I was proud of my diploma, everything I’ve achieved over the past four years, and of course my new, beautiful graduation shoes!

This was after I walked but before I walked halfway across campus in 90 degree weather in my shoes. I put them on at 7:30 am and didn’t take them off until 1pm! But they were beautiful and I can’t wait to wear them again…for a shorter amount of time.

Story behind the shoes: I joined hautelook.com a few weeks ago which is sometimes a great decision and sometimes it’s not. This time I’m almost thankful. I saw that Dolce Vita was having a sale and loved nearly all of the shoes. While in class (of course I was online shopping in class) I kept coming back to look at this style, sali. I told myself I had to wait overnight to decide if they were really THE pair of shoes I was going to wear and remember forever as I paraded across the stage. A day later, I woke up and decided, yes, I had to have those shoes. Unfortunately they only had them left in fuschia so I had to look elsewhere. Lucky me, endless.com had anĀ endless selection of Sali in black! Yay!

I hope you enjoyed my special edition of Shoesday and am still on the hunt for sandals so if you have any good tips, send them my way!


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