Tuesday Shoesday

The past few Mondays I have been very excited about the following day where I could show you all my favorite shoes of the week. It wasn’t until I was in school today discussing someone else’s blog that I realized…it’s Tuesday Shoesday!

Since last week where I revealed three new pairs of shoes I bought within a week, I had to give myself a limit of what I actually needed. Luckily, I did come across the perfect pair of graduation shoes, and since my parents bought those babies, I didn’t count those as an additional pair ;). I’ll show those to the world AFTER my graduation which is so close…yet so far behind two papers, a yoga exam (let’s not talk about it), and a twenty page thesis.

So I have decided I can only purchase items that will benefit me during the summer or at camp. As my departure date looms closer (last week of May) I am starting to think of what items are musts (YAY!) and those that must stay in the closet untouched, and not loved (boo). Essentials at camp and Israel both require lots of flats as the terrain is sometimes not even, sandy, rocky, stone, grass…you get the picture.

A possible pair

I love the different colors of the sandal, but especially the chain! These are so hip but have a classic touch. The only thing that will make them look better are my tanned feet!

It’s funny that these stuck out to me on the ASOS website because I remember learning at my first summer of camp what a cool brand River Island is in England. Will I be as fashionable as my co-counselors from across the pond? Only time will tell.

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