Tuesday Shoesday

It’s Tuesday…which may not be my favorite day of the week but it is slowly climbing to the top! This week I thought I would show the shoes I purchased this month. April shoe showers bring may flower prints-we’ll see about that, not so big on prints!

After my birthday I thought I deserved a cute pair of shoes. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but something that I can wear to one of the many graduation parties and dinners happening in the next few weeks.

Bows. I am not a huge fan of bows. I don’t like them in my hair, but apparently I love them on my shoes! The bow was the cherry on top of the color that I’m so obsessed with (nude-peach) and suede material. I think I’ll be debuting these this weekend but I’m currently thinking of a cute dress to go with!

After finding those pumps I went over to Target to pick up a few key ingredients for my dinner party the next night. I walked through the shoe aisle and decided to get the ballet flats that I saw last month.

These are essential to any wardrobe and of course, in my favorite nude-peach color. (When will I get out of this phase??) For $15 you can’t go wrong and they are perfect for class or even a nice dinner! The outfit pairings are endless!

My I-can’t-believe-I-did-this-for-these shoes. After posting last week’s shoe post,a reader informed me that she had just visited TJ Maxx and saw shoes that were a dead ringer for what I just posted…but way less than the price. So I decided TJ Maxx was on my way and I should just swing by and check them out. When I didn’t see anything like them I texted her to let her know I was disappointed. She told me I had to go to a different location. But I had to be down in Miami…what should I do? I quickly shot over to the TJ Maxx on Hillsboro ran in…found them in various sizes. Oh no what about mine? DING DING DING!

Found them! Seven minutes after parking I was back in the car with a new pair of shoes I couldn’t wait to wear! These are so comfortable and the perfect height. They were on sale for $20 marked way down! I wonder how I can get one of those Maxxonista jobs…

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