Tuesday Shoesday

It’s already been one week since my first shoesday post! I have plans to blog probably 4x this week about everything from fabulous dinner parties, incredible Vegas bathrooms, and new clothes I’m lusting after! But before all of that let’s get to shoe business!

Thanks to the new love of my life, and something I hope to be with forever, Pinterest has introduced me to some incredible new online shopping sites. I don’t know how my wallet feels about this, but I do need a few new dresses with graduation and a summer wedding coming up. I came across Rickety Rack and couldn’t stop clicking. After perusing through some oh-so-perfect-for-summer dresses, I automatically went to shoes!

These beauties are perfect for almost any occasion. Brunch with a flowy dress-check. Hot mini skirt for club-check. Walking around downtown with skinny jeans-you got it! The starburst strap wedges run $160 but these are shoes that will be with you throughout the season. I have been looking for another great pair of wedges that can bring me just about everywhere and I think I may have found them.

In the meantime my birthday present from my parents is one fabulous pair of shoes for graduation.

The shoe hunt begins!

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