Tuesday Shoesday

A la Kathie Lee and Hoda, I decided Tuesday should no longer be the day after Monday. It should be filled with fun, excitement, and shoes to lust after! So instead of Tuesday Boozeday (which I very rarely participate in) I am advocating for Tuesday Shoesday. Every Tuesday I will show a pair of shoes that I absolutely adore, whether they are a lust ($$$$) or a must ($$), and something I MUST have right now.

The first choice is something I stumbled upon while reading Lucky Magazine, with the adorable Rachel Bilson as cover girl. Everything this girl wears is incredible, yet looks so effortless. She recently collaborated with the fashion stylist from The OC (aka my favorite show 5 years ago and will always hold a soft place in my heart) to create a shoe line! Now each of us can own a little piece of Summer Roberts, or Rachel Bilson, depending on who’s style you prefer (although they really are one in the same)!

What I love so much about ShoeMint is you take a quiz to see what styles are best for you. I love that I don’t need to fish through tons of shoes that are just not me.

This pair “Chloe” is the perfect shoe for summer. High, colorful, and perfect for day and night. Ever since coming out with Yalla Israel Magazine, everything I buy is turquoise. Good thing? I think yes. Now tell me, what shoes are you lusting after this Shoesday?

P.S. A great birthday gift choice for those who’s birthdays are this month!

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