5 Things I loved about Spring Break

5 Friends in town

I’m lucky enough that most of my friends go to school in Florida and see them fairly often. Besides them, everyone has some type of grandmother, aunt, cousin who lives in Florida. Which means extra fun I get to spend with them. Four of my friends from home came and I was able to spend a few days before two of them went off to a cruise.

At dinner one night my friend’s mom cooked soft-shelled crab, something I’ve never tried. They’re interesting little critters, and I’ll definitely have some again!

My friend Alana came in from New York and I saw her three times during the whole week. I met Alana on our trip in Israel in December and we took pictures around Israel proclaiming our new love of each other. Our most unexpected pic in Miami was when we were on the phone with another friend from the trip, Sarrah DBG, and we walked by our favorite coffee shop in Israel, Aroma. They’re opening another location just miles from one of the only other locations in the country. The moment couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Alana and I were lucky enough to see each other the next night at a Purim party, and later in the week for the Aroma that is currently open.

4 Trips to Miami

The photo above was taken on South Beach Tuesday night

Wednesday night it was Purim and time to dress up and get drunk. That is what the holiday is about right?

We boo’d Haman away at the EPIC hotel down in Miami with some cousins, old friends, and even one new friend!

The following day I was back in Miami for Brad Goreski’s book signing at Books n Books!

I was so excited to see him and he was such a doll. I hope him and Gary live happily ever after!

My final trip to Miami was one exciting night! My first Heat game-but certainly not my last.

1. These guys are HUGE!. How do they get so tall?

2. I was entranced the whole time (except for the couple behind us discussing deep life problems) and we even got some extra time when they went into overtime.

3. They won in literally the last second!!!!

This was a night to remember. And it wasn’t even over!

Doreen took me to Wynwood and lucky for us it was late night at the galleries. We were able to walk around and see some new exhibits that are only open last the second Saturday.

While this wasn’t in the gallery, this was my favorite art of the night.

We went to Wynwood Kitchen and ordered a salad, empanadas, and the hit of the night, bok choy with ginger soy sauce. This was unexpectedly incredible and I highly recommend it.

3 Book Events

My first night in Miami I was lucky enough to meet one of my favorite authors Jen Lancaster. She is incredibly smart, talented, and absolutely hysterical. I was so happy to meet her and can’t wait for more of her books to come out.

Thursday my friend Missy and I decided to head out west for the Hunger Games cast appearance. While this technically isn’t a book event, Missy decided to bring it…just in case there was an opportunity to have them sign it. When we go there we were surrounded by 13 year olds who were inches shorter but much louder. Once the cast came on we listened for one question and decided to leave. Off to the final signing.

Repping our Hunger Games Lanyard

Brad Goreski was the final stop of the evening and of my own book tour around South Florida spotting book events. This was the most “chic” event and the people around us were lightyears away from the previous event. It was an evening not to be missed!

2 New Purchases

After going to Target for one little thing I walked away with a bunch of products I found in the clearance beauty bin. These were my two favorites.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge

The equivalent of that much cleaner feeling from an electric toothbrush, but for your face. I love it and I love the smell of the morning burst wash.

Garnier Fructis Curl Calm Down

A curly hair product that doesn’t weight down my hair and is my “casual” day product.

1 Fabulous Spring Break

My hectic, but fun week, was full of surprises and in the end, absolutely fabulous!

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