Four Weddings and eventually a baby shower

The past week was pretty hectic but full of fun, friends, and of course food!

After months of not having a proper night to hang out, my friend Tim and I went to our usual burger place, Burger-Fi in Delray Beach. I enjoyed a naturally grown burger topped with blue cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and lettuce, before being wrapped in iceberg lettuce instead of a bun. I love that they give you the option to be more healthy. It wasn’t until Tim got his burger that I realized they brand the bun with their logo! Pretty cool!

We always share an order of herb and parmesan topped fries. I’m sure they weren’t the first to think of that combination but I want to put herbs and parmesan on everything after I leave there.

herby, cheesy, goodness

Since our last time they added a soda machine that you can pick the different flavors for your soda. I normally don’t order soda but I was so excited, I had to try it. I first tried cherry sprite and it tasted more like medicine than sprite. Luckily I could try other flavors and mix a few. I liked the vanilla root beer, vanilla coke, and peach sprite (all separately).

So many flavors to choose from!

If you haven’t been, this is a place to check out whether it’s for the lettuce wrapped burger, fries, custard, mixed soda, or even a glass of wine!

Friday night I was lucky enough to be reunited with two friends I was in Israel with. One came down from NJ to visit his grandma so I invited him for Shabbat dinner at school because……our other friend from Israel was speaking about being a lone soldier! A lone soldier is someone who joins the army in Israel from another country and has no family there for him. My friend Koby, spoke about his experience as a lone soldier to about sixty people Friday night. After a delicious Israeli dinner, Koby, David, and Rayna and I went out to relive our times in Israel. Our choice for the night? Biergarten. After months of being opened and hearing good reviews, we decided to try it out. They had something for everyone. I tried a St. Martin which is citrusy and has hints of pear…apPEARantly. I don’t have such a taste for beer, but this did taste better than the array of beers I’ve tried throughout college. We had a great time and even enjoyed a giant pretzel. Yay Germany and mitz hashud (suspicious juice in hebrew).

David and Koby

Me and Rayna


Saturday morning I woke up to drive down to Miami to stay with my mom’s best friend Doreen for the weekend. Doreen and I have always had a special bond as she is a journalist, world traveler, and young heart. When I first transferred to FAU I told Doreen I would spend the weekend with her all of the time. Three years later…I never did. I promised this month I would come before it’s too late. I’m so glad I did…we had the best time. When I got to her apartment on beautiful South Beach we headed south towards Kendall for her friend’s baby shower. We got to the park to look at which pavilion the party was in when she realized the party was the next day. Instead of getting upset about it we just laughed and walked around the park. Thus started my day of “things that remind me of Israel”. When I was in Tel-Aviv I saw many different parks with outdoor gym equipment. I remember saying what a great concept that is and America should do that for people who can’t afford the gym. Well, apparently I don’t know everything (this blew my mind). There was gym equipment all over this park for people to use.

two of about ten machines

After a nice walk we were back in the car. Since we didn’t have the baby shower Doreen took me to one of her favorite places, and now one of mine. We went to a Peruvian place in midtown, Ceviche 105 for some awesome ceviche, drinks, and laughs. I have to give this restaurant five starts because everything was out of this world. We shared a ceviche in “tiger milk” which was lime juice and chile. I could eat this everyday and may now have to move Peru up on my list!


Doreen ordered me a traditional Peruvian drink the pisco sour. When she told me there was egg white foam and “bitter” on top I was a little nervous, but this concoction was surprisingly tasty!

Pisco sour

Our entree was more mixed seafood with rice. There was so much I got to take it home for lunch the next day. I can’t wait to go back and possibly take my brother, as he is known to overdose on ceviche on cruises and will certainly appreciate it!

We got back to her apartment and went for a walk on the boardwalk. Every time I come to the beach on a weekend in Miami I see a wedding. We were so lucky we got to see four!!!

Wedding number one

Latina style numero dos

Number three! So colorful with the dresses and lifeguard house

just bride and groom

Each wedding was so different it showed the variety of people living and visiting Miami. My favorite one was the group photo of the bride and her bridesmaids because we could hear them say 1,2,3 WOOH! and jump while they took their pictures. The last wedding was just the bride and groom and it was simple, yet beautiful. We walked over to Doreen’s favorite hotel the Setai and went to see what all the fuss was about.

Pure Zen

The Setai was certainly unlike any hotel on South Beach I had ever seen. Everything about it was sophisticated, classy, and Eastern inspired. The pool was a long simple rectangle, compared to the many extravagant pools that line the beach. It was so beautiful and if anyone would like to take me to dinner at the restaurant I will certainly go! We stopped by one more hotel that just opened, the Surfcomber. This one was super funky inside with all different types of artwork and much more “Miami” than the Setai. We got there right in time for wine hour. We went to the just renovated outside area and watched the sunset while enjoying our wine.

Zebra print couches and bean bag chairs

Our night was not over yet. After a stop at the apartment we were out again. This time-music adventure. We went to the age old Van Dyke cafe to listen to some latin-fusion music that people really enjoyed. Doreen said it was just like Motown in America, that they were playing all of their classics. We walked over to one of the oldest dive bars in Miami…just to see. And oh it was a sight. People were very nice and welcoming, but it definitely was not our scene. Our last spot of the night was Jazid. We were expecting a band Doreen had seen before but it ended up being a local FIU college band. After a few songs we were ready to go.

After driving to Kendall the previous day we weren’t sure if we would be up for it again. But we decided the mother to be should not be punished because of a silly mistake. We were both happy we went as it was her former co-worker and my first Cuban party! Yay. Everyone was very nice and the food was flowing…especially because the mom kept bringing it over. I guess moms in every culture are the same. My favorite part were the little cake pops. I thought they were professionally made but her best friend spent hour putting these little pots together.

Cake pop pot

I had such a great weekend and cannot wait to get back to Miami. I plan on going back during spring break to soap up the sun and the beautiful people. Hopefully one of those two will rub off on me. I have an exciting week ahead of me including hosting two girls from Israel. I hope I can show them around Boca and have them see my college experience, and I also hope they will cook some Israeli food that I am so badly missing!