Back in Action!

There’s nothing to get you to realize vacation is over like waking up the next morning at 7 to go back to school. Being back to school is fun, in that “yay it’s the first week of school” way, until assignments starting piling up. I immediately had to get back to work as it’s my last semester and there is no time to waste! Besides all of my school work, creating the magazine, “Yalla Israel” and doing all of the preparations is basically a full time job. So between school, the magazine, and having some sort of social life, I’ve been busy! What have I been up to?

Shooting a video about Israel advocacy to be shown at FAU. While I may not be the director, and I possibly gave myself the title of Executive Production Assistant, meaning I carried a few things and filmed at my house, it was still a full day of shooting! Once the video is made I will put it up for all to see! This was one of the pictures I took that day, only after being out of Israel a week. It made me feel like I was back on the beach!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Since December I have been on the hunt for some hot, leopard booties. These are shoes that I’ll probably wear five times this year, max. So I decided spending a fortune on them would be silly. When I first saw these they were originally $40, definitely not bad! I was too busy getting ready for Israel so I couldn’t get them before. When I came back I knew it would be my next shoes purchase. After a stressful day of school and doing work for the magazine I decided it was time to buy these babies. I trekked out the Coral Square Mall to get to Charlotte Russe. To my excitement they were marked down to $15! Holla!! So I got a few accessories since I was planning on spending more anyways…right? Hopefully I’ll wear them out this weekend!

Some Kourtney Kardahian inspiration

Friday night was the first big Shabbat back at school. My cousin Marcy lead an incredible service, and all of you will see her and the other two Morris sisters perform at my future wedding. They are so fun and beautiful, I’m happy to see them almost every day!

2/3 of the beautiful and talented Morris sisters

Over the weekend I met up with my friend Will who I haven’t seen since before winter break. We decided brunch would be a great idea. But brunch on Saturday morning in South Florida? Apparently everyone had the same idea and finding a spot to go to Saquella in Mizner was not happening! We decided to go to the Boca Beach House right next to Palmetto Beach. They had a special for tangerine juice, and since the only thing that has reminded me of Israel in Florida is cigarette smoke, I decided to get some juice!! It was delicious and naturally sweet. I ordered eggs benedict with salmon and Will got an omelette with feta cheese, sun dried tomato, and arugula. We both loved our breakfasts and hope to be back soon. We also loved the way they brought us our check-so cute!!


Makes paying a little more fun!

Saturday night I finally got to go out with my parents and friends. Not my friends. Their friends. Sounds boring? Absolutely not. Since I babysat every weekend last semester I always missed out on the fun outings they would do like take the boat out and go to dinner. It just so happened that whenever I was busy they would go out! So Saturday was my chance to see what I was missing out on. We went to Whale’s Rib, somewhere I have been going since I was young, but is always good to be back (click to see it on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives). It has some of the best seafood and the best chips! I was so excited when the special was Ipswich clams-we got three bowls!! For dinner I had a calamari salad which was pretty good, but the clams took the cake!

This times 3!!

Now that I’m back home I promised myself while in Israel that I would cook more Israeli food. The food was so simple and easy, yet delicious. So in between interviews for the magazine today, I decided to holla for some hummus. Since no one else was home, I had to make it myself! I made one batch of plain (does garlic count as plain?) and one with olives. I made a nice lunch out of it with some rice crackers, mozzarella cheese, and cucumbers. It was such a delicious little lunch, I’ll be making more variations soon!

Hummus lunch plate

I decided to make some mini hummus cracker sandwiches!


While I was writing this post I got a phone call from my best friend telling me she got into UF Medical school! I could not be more proud to tell people my best friend is smart and beautiful and one day she’ll be my Louboutin-wearing doctor! I love you Cheri and and so happy for you!!

Moses the camel says “Mazel tov on UF Med, Cheri! Go gatas!”

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