Brooke’s Bargains: Israel Edition

When I decided to create this blog (months and months ago) something I wanted to include was the cool and usually very unnecessary purchases I make every now and then. Since I started this blog while in Israel I am going to choose my three favorite purchases I made, and hopefully you can get them too, the next time you’re in Israel!

1. Labello: Milk and Honey

My obsession with Labellos started years ago when my Israeli friend Danielle introduced me to these funky colored lip balms. Ever since my first trip there in 2008 I have been bringing back Labellos for my friends and myself. This year I saw this edition and had to get it. Another option that looked pretty cool was olive oil, which is probably really moisturizing! My favorite part of the Milk and Honey labello is how great it smells! This will be my new bedtime lip balm until it runs out…and then I will order more!

2. Aloe Vera Water

This was something I was more weary about trying. When I first saw it in the gas station I wasn’t sure what it was. Other people tried it that day and passed out little cups for people to try. I immediately bought one and bought two more throughout the trip. What does it taste like? Nothing in particular. It’s a little sweet but definitely not as sweet as juice. “What are those little things floating in there?” Aloe vera cubes of course! Actually I don’t know if that’s true but I think that’s what it is. I suggest trying this, and if you find this in America please tell me. This wallibaba bottle is not the one I bought, but it shows a good view of the little cubes. I drank Aloe Vera + and will proudly promote them! Everyone should try some Aloe Vera + when in Israel! 😉

3. Sabon (Soap)

Many of the markets around Israel have all different kinds of pretty soaps. I’m currently kicking myself because I saw these beautiful, sweet smelling soaps in Tel-Aviv in shapes like teddy bears, pies, and cakes, and thought they would be in other markets. Unfortunately the pretty shaped soaps were nowhere to be found outside of that Friday art market. Luckily I was in the land of soaps, especially those infused with mud! I visited the Sabon store at one of the malls and took a sniff of nearly every soap before settling on mud soap. The mud is straight from Israel, and now the Sabon (meaning soap) store is in New York City, so you don’t need to schlep half way across the world to get clean!

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