Back in Action!

There’s nothing to get you to realize vacation is over like waking up the next morning at 7 to go back to school. Being back to school is fun, in that “yay it’s the first week of school” way, until assignments starting piling up. I immediately had to get back to work as it’s my last semester and there is no time to waste! Besides all of my school work, creating the magazine, “Yalla Israel” and doing all of the preparations is basically a full time job. So between school, the magazine, and having some sort of social life, I’ve been busy! What have I been up to?
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Brooke’s Bargains: Israel Edition

When I decided to create this blog (months and months ago) something I wanted to include was the cool and usually very unnecessary purchases I make every now and then. Since I started this blog while in Israel I am going to choose my three favorite purchases I made, and hopefully you can get them too, the next time you’re in Israel!
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