All Shuk Up!

Friday we heard about an art fair next to the shuk so we decide to walk over and check it out. The fair was full of jewelry, artwork, tshirts, and little kitschy things. We explored and I got a few things to bring back as silly presents. In the middle of the fair was this “performer” dressed in green, wearing a crown, and sitting in some type of basin. It was so weird but quite funny. He seemed to be quacking and singing a song, and got the attention of everyone that walked by.

Crazy quacking man

My friend and I split a wrap made by some Druze women. The Druze are an Arab group that live in Israel, mostly in the north. The wrap had soft Israeli cheese and tabouli that was really simple, but tasty.

Druze woman making wrap from dough

We decided to walk through the shuk, which was extremely crowded. Since it was Friday, many people were buying food for Shabbat dinner later that evening. I didn’t buy anything but when I am cooking for myself in Israel, the shuk is the place to be. Later in the evening we got an early dinner at a café which included a delicious combination of quinoa, beets, apples, and sheep cheese. It was so tasty, we didn’t even bother to try our sandwiches and took it home for later. We were invited to another dinner at my friend’s building and I had shakshuka for the first time! It was definitely something I will be eating again in the next few days. Shakshuka is an Israeli dish that has a tomato base (ours included eggplant and squash) topped with a fried egg. We had ours on top of some pasta which combined was actually amazing. Around 11:30 we went across the street to a bar which supposedly had the best white sangria in the city. Upon entering, three of us were ID’d…when she told us we were not allowed in because we were not 25, I was not very happy. It was very crowded and I guess they decided to start putting a limit on who could come in. We decided to go to a club a little further away called The Breakfast Club which connects to Milk Bar. The music was decent and it was pretty packed. We had a good time dancing, but clubs and bars aren’t so strict about not allowing smoking, so I walked out of there feeling like I had smoked a pack of cigarettes. We decided to take a sheirut back to the apartment, which is like a shared ride van that stops at many places. This was quite the experience because we sat up front, so we ended up being the people to pass up everyone else’s shekels, count it out correctly, hand it to the bus driver, then hand back the change. At 3 am and tipsy, this is pretty difficult! We got back and decided to watch Modern Family and ended up going to sleep at almost 5 am! Saturday we didn’t even leave the apartment until 4:30. We decided to do a beach picnic of our many leftovers including sushi sandwiches, salad, and toasted cheese sandwiches. By 6:15 it was freezing and we were ready to head back. We decided to go back with a group to the bar that had the great sangria, and they let us in this time. It was still crowded so we decided a restaurant down the street would be more fun for our group. We ended staying there until nearly 1 am. Somehow in Tel-Aviv the time just slips away. Today my friend is at work and I plan on exchanging some money and walking around a little bit. I will be seeing my camp friend from Ramat HaSharon, a suburb of Tel-Aviv, a little later and I could not be more excited!!

Art fair 

Bubbles in Tel-Aviv

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