Cold child in the (c)old city

Shalom everyone! I have used this word little to none since I have been in Jerusalem along with the rest of my oh-so expansive vocabulary. There are so many Americans living in Jerusalem, as well as tourists that you hear much less hebrew than the rest of Israel.
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My Home in the Homeland

I was lucky enough to be a part of a program my senior year in high school that took me to Israel for 6 days. My whole senior year I was part of a group of Americans who would talk to Israeli students in high school and for one week they came to Boca, and later ten of us were taken to Israel.
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This is the life

I cannot remember the last time I have been more relaxed! Maybe it’s the people, the food, the Mediterranean sea-I don’t know. My first full day I felt anxious watching everyone else casually go about their day and I didn’t understand how they could be so nonchalant about EVERYTHING.
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All Shuk Up!

Friday we heard about an art fair next to the shuk so we decide to walk over and check it out. The fair was full of jewelry, artwork, tshirts, and little kitschy things. We explored and I got a few things to bring back as silly presents. In the middle of the fair was this “performer” dressed in green, wearing a crown, and sitting in some type of basin. It was so weird but quite funny. He seemed to be quacking and singing a song, and got the attention of everyone that walked by.

Crazy quacking man

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Viva La Tel-Aviv

Shalom from Israel! It is my third day in this vibrant, beautiful city and I could not be happier to finally be on my own schedule. I have been to Israel twice, but on programs that I had a strict schedule to follow. After 18 months, I am back and have two weeks of free time to do anything I please, before I begin an advocacy program for another two weeks.
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